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Aacharya Chanakya Law College
Dedicated to Legal Education...


ACLC believes in providing the best college experience to the students. With state of the art facilities and upgraded infrastructure, the technologically upgraded class rooms facilitate teaching through advanced tools and techniques. The College has taken extensive measures to address the need for vigilance and security. The campus is fully CCTV-enabled to cater to the safety requirements of the students and staff.

ACLC is an innovative educational community with a belief of preparing students for global leadership in judiciary, academia, business and government.

ACLC Library

Library is the soul of any educational institute and plays a significant role in all learning activities, more so in the learning of law. It is spacious enough to cater not only to existing needs but also accommodate resources and services for future requirements. There is a continuous effort to update and add to our study material resources.

ACLC library is well stacked and provides an excellent study base for the students and the teachers alike. The Library has a special collection of books for RJS, JLO, NET & other competitive law exams.

Our study resources include choicest publications of reference books, law reports, digests, encyclopedias, manuals, journals and the like. The students have a free access to a wide variety of study material, encyclopedias and DELNET. Special efforts are made to inculcate good reading habits in the students. The library is giving every possible support to the academic and research activities of the college. The core mission of the library is to be the partner in the overall development of the college by supporting teachers, research scholars, and students through its smart infrastructure and most updated learning resources. The core goal of the library is to appreciate legal education through research and innovative learning skills.

ACLC Moot Court

ACLC has a separate Moot Court Hall which is equipped with all required infrastructure for conduction of Moot Court competition. The ambience of ACLC Moot Court hall which has in-housed books, bare acts, commentaries, properly arranged podiums, Statue of lady Justice, images of preamble of Constitution etc. is itself an important factor which encourages the students to participate in the Moot Court.

It helps the law students in perfecting their legal analytical, research and writing skills that plasticizing attorneys must have. By participating in this process, they become more comfortable arguing in front of judges and a more confident public speaker.

The students of ACLC are made to interact with practicing advocates of Supreme Court, High courts and District court under the aegis of this society in order to motivate them and make them understand the vital contribution which is being made to the professional life of Advocate by participation in moot court at college level.

The Moot Court skills are further enhanced when the students of ACLC are associated with practicing advocates and judges during their internship where the students get the firsthand experience of theoretical knowledge.

ACLC Class Rooms

All Class Rooms at ACLC are spacious & airy and most of them are Amphitheatre Style. They provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions.

ACLC Online Resources

ACLC also subscribes to online databases such as AIR, SCC online and

All India Reporter (AIR)

All India Reporter was conceptualized as a law journal reporting cases with its head notes from all High Courts across India and the Privy Council. AIR one of the primary online legal research services for lawyers & legal professionals in India.


Pioneers in online legal search in India. is India’s largest and most comprehensive online legal data base.

SCC Online

With continuously updated database extending back to 1754, and a wide coverage of Indian & International law report’s ,SCC online web edition is a comprehensive resource for all your legal research needs.

Lecture Theatres

The theatres of knowledge

LT at ACLC have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc.

Computer Lab

The College has a computer lab which is fully equipped with adequate number of terminals with latest configuration and all computers with internet connectivity for the use of the students, teachers and staff working in ACLC.

The primary goal of a well-equipped computer lab at ACLC is to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities of succeeding in their assignments. We encourage our students to carry out deeper research for their projects. Through this, they can build their hands on experience and upgrade their learning skills. ACLC has advanced computer lab to train our students practically. Ample time is allotted to all students along with optimum lab exposure.

Our round the clock WiFi facility makes sure that the students at our campus surf the net, gathering knowledge to their best, apply to their assignments and stand out of the crowd of other college students.

Legal Aid Clinic

The ACLC Legal Aid & Services Clinic is the body, which inducts students to use their knowledge of law to provide free legal aid to those who are most in need of it through various media. The Legal Aid functions that it performs are preventive, remedial, activist and reformative. Our aim is to spread legal awareness among students and people at large. We endeavour to achieve the target by organizing legal literacy camps, seminars, legal counseling, public speaking, poster making, street plays, liasoning with Legal Services Authorities, jail visits and through various activities.