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Aacharya Chanakya Law College
Dedicated to Legal Education...

Ahilya Educational Society


Ahilya Educational Society believes that individual from each part of society needs affordable, relevant, and quality education to fulfill personal aspirations. The Vision of the Society is to constantly strive towards meeting this social need by inclusion and expansion of newer streams of academics in its institutions and provide World - Class Infrastructure for Learning, Research and application of knowledge.


In fulfillment of its Vision, the Society commits itself to a Mission to excel in all its activities to create an atmosphere of effective learning, generate a spirit of enquiry, induce healthy challenges and competitions, encourage sustainable accomplishments and ensure enriching rewards to everyone - students, teachers, trustees, associates and the society at large.


Thus the Society's goal is to emerge as premier academic institutions, each taking pride in having nurtured knowledge that will lead to happiness, peace, harmony and prosperity.

  • To provide & promote Legal Education.
  • To provide computer education in India by way of various computer courses which are relevant to the current time through qualified, experienced teachers and professionals enable the student , to become self dependent, and which are job oriented.
  • To establish, manage , maintain and run educational, vocational and technical institutions in India.
  • To provide education related to info media, language courses , include writing skill and speaking skills by way of various courses which are relevant to the current scenario through qualified ,experienced teachers and professionals to enable the student ,to become self made and which are job oriented.
  • To provide coaching for the competitive examination for the government services or other examination, through qualified, experienced teachers and enable the aspirant students to get success in such examinations.
  • To provide other allied educational activity and organised promotional events related to the education.
  • To improve standard of education in all dimension but most importantly, in relation to the vocational education.
  • To encourage the students to take active part in the educational system, social administration and economic development of the country.
  • To support and take necessary action to imparting education to weaker and needy section of the society of free of cost or at nominal fee.
  • To communicate and engage with the government, local and public authorities related with education ,andnon government organization on any subject related with education.
  • To grant scholarship or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of education.
  • To provide assistance to any Organization, individual or group of people in furtherance of the object of the society.
  • To raise subscriptions and moneys from individuals, NGO and societies for providing income to the society on such terms and conditions as may be deemed proper and necessary to fulfill the aims of the society.
  • To organize meeting, seminars and conferences, publish pamphlets, statistics, periodicals, books and other publications and circulate them and organize other activities for the furtherance of any of the objects.
  • To acquire by purchase, donation, gift or otherwise any moveable or immovable property, rights, interest and titles and to manage them.
  • To do all other acts and things conductive and helpful to the advancement and fulfillment of the aims and the objective mentioned herein and to take the entire country and humanity in general on a path to spiritual, mental, physical and economical .